Trillium Resort WeddingTrillium Resort and Spa in Port Sydney, ON is where Catherine & Mike were married. Being that they are both avid outdoors people, the setting couldn’t be more perfect. The fact that Mike brought his original 1940’s era Peterborough Chestnut canoe only added to the ambience of the day.  It was a day full of laughter and arm exercises as we were constantly swatting at the mosquitoes,  they were honestly the worst I have experienced up north I could say almost ever.  Being raised in Huntsville I feel I have a measurement for mosquito quality and I will have to say that Catherine and Mike are two of the toughest people I know to endure that kind of buzzing with an outdoor wedding!  Regardless of the bugs, the day went off beautifully, their decor was AMAZING and all designed on their own.  It will truly be a wedding to remember!  I wish I could say they paddled off into the sunset but they kind of ran for the main lodge at Trillium Resort and Spa when we were done the photos, who’s kidding who, we all ran …  Thank You Catherine and Mike, you two are Awesome!

Colquhoun Trillium Resort_0001Some details from the beautiful Trillium Resort and Spa that were hand made by Catherine and Mike

Colquhoun Trillium Resort_0002 Colquhoun Trillium Resort_0003 Colquhoun Trillium Resort_0004 Colquhoun Trillium Resort_0005 Colquhoun Trillium Resort_0006 Trillium Resort and Spa, Ceremony,  Wedding Photography, Muskoka Wedding

Trillium Resort and Spa, Family, wedding party,  Wedding Photography Trillium Resort and Spa, Family,  Wedding PhotographyWhats a wedding without some fun photos.Colquhoun Trillium Resort_0015, Trillium Resort and Spa, lake and canoe,  Wedding PhotographyColquhoun Trillium Resort_0011, Trillium Resort and Spa, Canoe, Flowers,  Wedding PhotographyIn the shot in the upper top left of the collage, the little dots floating around behind Catherine and Mike were mosquitos, their buzzing was almost deafening.      Colquhoun Trillium Resort_0012, Trillium Resort and Spa, Bride and Groom Wedding Photography Colquhoun Trillium Resort_0013, Trillium Resort and Spa, Reception Wedding Photography Colquhoun Trillium Resort_0014, Trillium Resort and Spa, Ring shot, Wedding cakeThank You Catherine and Mike for an incredible Day!  Wishing you all the BEST!

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