Barn Weddings_0039Amanda and Jordan are an extremely happy couple, which definitely makes my job very easy.  They are candid, relaxed, easy going and they let things happen which helps me to tell the story of their day exactly how it happened.

They were married at Jordan’s family home in his parents unbelievable barn.  It was the perfect barn wedding, the seats were straw bales, the program was shaped like a mason jar on the end of a stick, the runner was a long piece of burlap and the flowers blended perfectly to give it that real country feel, especially the flowers as you entered the barn, they were in an old steel milk container.  The flowers on the tables were in mason jars and the wraps around the napkins were burlap, everything blended perfectly. The wedding was co-ordinated throughout the day by Imagjen Events.  They did an amazing job.

The ladies got ready at Amanda’s parents home and then it was off to Jordan’s for the wedding.  After the ceremony we all travelled to my home so we could use my barn as their backdrop, a request from Amanda and Jordan which I happily agreed to.  I did not anticipate one of the bridesmaids asking if they could use my chickens in the shot but again, I happily agreed to it and warned of the impending poop that could come of it.  Happily, my chickens were under their best behaviour.

The day was amazing, the torrential rain stopped in time for the wedding, the skies cleared and everyone had an amazing time.  Jordan and Amanda, your love for each other is so obvious and the fact that you can laugh with each other on the drop of a dime is nothing but glorious in my eyes.  A couple who laughs together, stays together.

All my best wishes for your future together!  Please enjoy this little photo tribute!Barn Weddings_0003 Barn Weddings_0002 Barn Weddings_0001 Barn Weddings_0004 Barn Weddings_0005 Barn Weddings_0006 Barn Weddings_0007

I love Amanda’s parent’s reaction the first time they see her! Barn Weddings_0008 Barn Weddings_0009 Barn Weddings_0010 Barn Weddings_0011Barn Weddings_0012 Barn Weddings_0013 Barn Weddings_0014 Barn Weddings_0015 Barn Weddings_0016Jordan’s Mom Judy had never been in a limo, she took a quick photo-op before the ceremony to document her experience.  You were made for the limo Judy!                                Barn Weddings_0017Barn Weddings_0018 Barn Weddings_0019 Barn Weddings_0020 Barn Weddings_0021 Barn Weddings_0022 Barn Weddings_0023 Barn Weddings_0024 Barn Weddings_0025 Barn Weddings_0026 Barn Weddings_0027 Barn Weddings_0028 Barn Weddings_0029 Barn Weddings_0030 Barn Weddings_0031 Barn Weddings_0032 Barn Weddings_0033 Barn Weddings_0034Bring on the chickens!                                                                                                                         Barn Weddings_0035 Barn Weddings_0036 Barn Weddings_0038 Barn Weddings_0039 Barn Weddings_0040 Barn Weddings_0041 Barn Weddings_0042 Barn Weddings_0043 Barn Weddings_0044 Barn Weddings_0045 Barn Weddings_0046 Barn Weddings_0047 Barn Weddings_0048Barn Weddings_0050Barn Weddings_0051Barn Weddings_0052Barn Weddings_0053Barn Weddings_0054Barn Weddings_0055Barn Weddings_0056Barn Weddings_0057Congratulations Amanda and Jordan.  It was a true honour to be included in your day and document your memories for years to come!


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