The Manor_0030

Nicole and Jarrett are an absolutely incredible couple.  They are very kind, very gracious and completely in love.  They are also very blessed with their little boy Spencer.  He has a smile on him that lights up any room.  Nicole and Jarrett were married at PeterandPaul’s The Manor.  It is an incredible venue just west of Newmarket in Kettleby, ON.  Their family and friends were amazing to work with as were all of the little wee ones, and there were plenty!!!  Their wedding was March 16th so it was very fitting that they had a St. Patrick’s theme.  There is an Irish connection to the family so that also blended well with the day.  We had a fabulous time working together and I hope to work with them again in the future!

The Manor_0043The Manor_0003 The Manor_0004 The Manor_0006 The Manor_0005The Manor_0007 The Manor_0008I love this shot of Nicole and her precious little Spencer! The Manor_0009The Manor_0010 The Manor_0012There was a large sand bag in our way so I asked Jarrett to move it!!! The Manor_0013I love a good reveal before the wedding! The Manor_0014 The Manor_0015 The Manor_0016 The Manor_0017 The Manor_0042The Manor_0018The Manor_0019The Manor_0020 The Manor_0021 The Manor_0022 The Manor_0023No offence to Nicole, but Spencer may tie for best wedding entrance EVER!!! The Manor_0024The Manor_0025 The Manor_0026 The Manor_0027 The Manor_0028 The Manor_0029 The Manor_0030 The Manor_0031The Manor_0032 The Manor_0033 The Manor_0034 The Manor_0035This is the shot of the New MomFord and Sons! The Ford family has been an integral part in helping to bring the band Mumford and Sons to Simcoe, ON this summer. This was a must have shot for Mrs. Ford and her sons! The Manor_0036 The Manor_0002The Manor_0039The Manor_0037 The Manor_0038 The Manor_0040 The Manor_0041Thank you Nicole, Jarrett, Spencer and your family and friends for the honour that you gave me to photograph your beautiful wedding day.  Jessie and I had an amazing time! I am wishing you all the very best and I know we will see each other again!

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