High Park Cherry Blossoms_0002Jenn and Frank are an absolutely lovely couple.  We first met in March and when we were talking about their engagement pictures, Jenn asked if we could plan them around the time the cherry blossoms bloom in High Park.  It was a no-brainer.  When we met for the shoot, Jenn told me they are not very comfortable in front of a camera.  It didn’t take me long to tell Frank and Jenn that the camera absolutely loves them.  They are so comfortable and relaxed with each other that it just makes my job very easy to get them in a natural state.  I will say, the “snowing” cherry blossoms certainly helped to put them at ease.  Jenn and Frank will be married in July at the beautiful Credit Valley Golf and Country Club where Teresa and her staff will take amazing care of them.  I am very excited to see you too both soon.  Congratulations Jenn and Frank!  I can’t wait!

High Park Cherry Blossoms_0001 High Park Cherry Blossoms_0003 High Park Cherry Blossoms_0004This next series came about quite randomly.  I asked Jenn and Frank to put a blossom on the end of their noses and then to blow them off of each other.  Just as they were about to blow them off, the wind picked up and blew cherry blossoms everywhere.  It was quite magical.   High Park Cherry Blossoms_0005 High Park Cherry Blossoms_0006 High Park Cherry Blossoms_0007 High Park Cherry Blossoms_0008 High Park Cherry Blossoms_0009 High Park Cherry Blossoms_0010

See you soon!!!

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