Cambridge Mill_0065Meghan and Shawn are an incredibly easy going couple with some fantastic ideas.  First of all their winter wedding took place at The Cambridge Mill and it was a perfect winter day, sunny, bright and freezing cold!  Don’t let the sun fool you, it must have been at least -15 out in the “heat of the day”.  The cold kept them inside for lots of cuddling both before and after the ceremony.  Meghan and Shawn had a pre-reveal reveal.  They did pictures together before the ceremony but only Shawn was ready, Meghan’s hair and make-up were done but the dress was still going to be kept secret until the ceremony.   The pre-reveal was such an awesome idea and soooooo much fun.  It always makes my job exciting and interesting when clients have great ideas!  Take a look through the blog to see more of their great ideas for their reception.

Cambridge Mill_0038 Cambridge Mill_0039Cambridge Mill_0041 Cambridge Mill_0040Cambridge Mill_0042 Cambridge Mill_0044 Cambridge Mill_0045Cambridge Mill_0048 Cambridge Mill_0047 Cambridge Mill_0049 Cambridge Mill_0050 This was a very chilly walk for Meghan! Cambridge Mill_0051Cambridge Mill_0052 Cambridge Mill_0053 Cambridge Mill_0055 Cambridge Mill_0056 Cambridge Mill_0057 Cambridge Mill_0058 Cambridge Mill_0059 Cambridge Mill_0060 Cambridge Mill_0061 Cambridge Mill_0062 Cambridge Mill_0063 Cambridge Mill_0064 Cambridge Mill_0066 Cambridge Mill_0067Take a look at these details, the roses in her Grandma’s teacups were an awesome idea! Cambridge Mill_0068 Cambridge Mill_0069 Cambridge Mill_0070 Cambridge Mill_0071 The laughter in the room was completely infectious, Shawn’s Mom was in stitches! Cambridge Mill_0073To end the evening, their first dance with a surprise serenade by their Maid of Honour singing Ella Fitzgerald’s famous song, At Last.   Cambridge Mill_0074 Cambridge Mill_0075Cambridge Mill_0077 Cambridge Mill_0076 Congratulations Meghan and Shawn!  It was an absolute pleasure working with you and I wish you both years and years of happiness and infectious laughter!

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