There are a few perks that one gets when you are photographing your brother-in-laws engagement pictures, one being the use of your in-laws beautiful family cottage, another being that you can stretch the limit and perhaps do a few crazy things ie: above picture and three, you get to photograph two very wonderful people who are completely in love with each other.  We had a wonderful time a few weeks ago at the family cottage and took advantage of the gorgeous weather to snap a few photos.  I will not be photographing their wedding as I would really like to be a guest at their wedding but my associate Danielle Rabbat from Rabbat Photo will be photographing their wedding for me!  I am very excited about Saturday and I am very excited to share these sneak peaks with you. 

Congratulations Abe and Karen and all my very best, I love you both very much!

This shot was from the night before on an impromtu sunset cruise but I just love it!

Congratulations and we all love you very much!

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