I have mentioned before how much I LOVE photographing a pregnant belly.  What makes it even more special is knowing that the little bundle inside will be a beautiful addition to an already beautiful family. Not only am I doing a maternity shoot but I am also photographing a family portrait.  So the belly may not be completely visible all the time but what is visible is the love and bond that this family shares and isnt’ that what we all want to see in our “family pictures”.  I normally wouldn’t post so many teaser shots on my blog but I just couldn’t stop picking pictures to display.  This little baby inside is now out and I will get the opportunity next week to photograph little baby “Oliver”  Please enjoy the view and then go and find your family and give them a hug, share a giggle and have some fun!!!

This is perhaps my new favourite maternity photo, the kids had no idea their parents were kissing in the background, all I asked for was a really funny face and this is what I got: 

From this point on they are in order of how they were photographed.

 Thanks for taking the time to view my pictures, now go hug someone you love!

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